All the crazy shit I have collected of Lindemann, the new band of Rammstein singer Till Lindemann and Swedish multi instrumentalist Peter Tagtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy).


All the items i've collected from the bands the Rammstein members played in before Rammstein was founded, like Feeling B and First Arsch.


I've collected a lot of stuff from my favorite band, and some of those items are very unique and expensive.


The things I have collected from Emigrate, the side-project of guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe.

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Der Meister's Rammstein Collection

I know the band Rammstein and their music since their first gig at Pinkpop Festival in 1997. I almost immediately started collecting everything that had to do with the band, their music, videos, etc.
Soon also items followed from the old bands (Feeling B, First Arsch) in which the members played before Rammstein was founded.
And of course I could not forget the side-projects (Lindemann, Emigrate) of the band members. I started collecting that stuff too.

Benzin lighter

Benzin lighter
“Benzin Feuerzeug” This lighter on a keychain in the shape of a fire extinguisher was probably official tour merch back in 2004.Later this item was...

[1998] For The Masses

[1998] For The Masses
For The Masses is a tribute album to Depeche Mode. It was released on 4 August 1998. The project was started by the band members of God Lives...

Doctor Dick Vodka by Till Lindemann

Doctor Dick Vodka by Till Lindemann
In zusammenarbeit mit “Ovin Pion” produziert, in einer Mattschwarzen Flasche mit filigraner Veredlung.     “Der Winterweizen für unseren Vodka stammt aus den Regionen Bassin...

My Collection

I have a lot of different Rammstein related items in my collection. And also items from Emigrate, Lindemann and the bands the members played in before Rammstein. To check out all the items in my collection, go to the menu on the top of this page and select one of the catagories.
Right above here you see some random examples of these items.

Der Meister