Links 2-3-4 related websites:

    The original Dutch Rammstein fansite, with the latest news about the band, their music and all their concerts.
    The original Dutch Lindemann fansite.
    You can find here all the information about this project from Till Lindemann and Peter Tagtgren.
    The original Dutch Emigrate fansite for everything you want to know about this project from Richard Z Kruspe.
  • Live Aus Berlin
    Rammstein and Berlin is a very good combination.
    Not only was the band founded in Berlin in 1994, but they also shot a lot of their videoclips in Berlin and have done many concerts in this city. On this website you’ll find all the information about concertvenue’s and video shoot locations.
    The place were all Dutch fans can meet and talk about everything Rammstein, Lindemann and Emigrate related.

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