[1997] Faith No More – Album Of The Year (L.E.)

Richard made the Rammstein Remix for their song Last Cup of Sorrow.

  1. Collision
  2. Stripsearch
  3. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  4. Naked In Front Of The Computer
  5. Helpless
  6. Mouth To Mouth
  7. Ashes To Ashes
  8. She Loves Me Not
  9. Got That Feeling
  10. Paths Of Glory
  11. Home Sick Home
  12.  Pristina
  13. The big Kahuna
  14. Light up and let go
  15. Last Cup Of Sorrow (Rammstein Mix)
  16. Ashes To Ashes (Hardknox Alternativ Mix)
  17. She Loves Me Not (Spinna Crazy Dub Mix)
  18. Last Cup Of Sorrow (Sharam Versus FNM Club Mix)

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