[2021] The Persistence Of Memory (Digipack) (Misprint)

The new Emigrate album.
Pre-order starts 24th of September. @emigrateofficial

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The Persistence of Memory is the fourth album by Emigrate.
The album is named after the eponymous Salvador Dalí painting.
The original idea was to release a vinyl box of the first three Emigrate albums with an additional disc with songs that weren’t previously released.

Source: https://rammwiki.net/

Releasedate: 05-11-2021

  1. Rage
  2. Always on my mind (feat. Till Lindemann)
  3. Freeze my mind
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  5. Come over
  6. You can’t run away
  7. Hypothetical
  8. Blood stained wedding
  9. I will let you go

Source: https://shop.rammstein.de/en/catalog/emigrate-album-the-persistence-of-memory.html


This edition of the album has some printing errors on the booklet.
Track #4 has the title “Yeah Yeah Yeah”. Corrected version is “I’m Still Alive”.
Track #6 “You Can’t Run Away” is named “Runaway” in the booklet credits.

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