[2023] Zunge (Limited Fan-box)

The new album by Till Lindemann in an exclusive limited fan box.

  • black tray (dimensions 33x26x12 cm) shrink-wrapped
  • decorative cushion (dimensions 50x27cm) in 3D meat look with an inner pocket and inner cushion
  • album “Zunge” on CD (digipak) in the inside pocket
  • material: tray and sealing foil: food-safe PP plastic, cushion 100% polyester

Source: https://shop.rammstein.de/en/catalog/whats-new/till-lindemann-album-zunge-ltd-fan-box.html

Release date: 03-11-2023

  1. Zunge
  2. Sport Frei
  3. Altes Fleisch
  4. Übers Meer
  5. Du Hast Kein Herz
  6. Tanzlehrerin
  7. Ich Hasse Kinder
  8. Nass
  9. Alles Für Die Kinder
  10. Schweiss
  11. Lecker
  12. Selbst Verliebt

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