[1997] Sehnsucht (Cassette Poland)


Side 1:
1. Sehnsucht
2. Engel
3. Tier
4. Bestrafe Mich
5. Du Hast
6. Buck Dich

Side 2:
1. Spiel Mit Mir
2. Klavier
3. Alter Mann
4. Eifersucht
5. Kuss Mich (Fellfrosch)


Release comes with ZPAV-ZAiKS hologram affixed to the rear sleeve.
Cassette case has PolyGram Polska logo moulded on the opening side.
Before opening track on Side A appears ‘Greetings for Polish Fans’ spoken [in Polish] by the vocalist.

Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Rammstein-Sehnsucht/release/4958600

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