Book: Mike Oldfield im Schaukelstuhl – Notizen eines Vaters

Mecklenburg. East Germany. 1982. Nine months in the life of 19-year-old Till Lindemann. Observed by his father.

For nine months, in the early 1980s, 19-year-old Till Lindemann lived in the Mecklenburg countryside with his father, apprenticing as a cartwright on an “LPG,” an East German collectivized farm. Werner Lindemann, one of the most well-known children’s book authors in East Germany, observes his conflict-ridden coexistence with his son – sometimes with incomprehension and anger, but also with respect and curiosity: his son’s early love stories, alcohol-driven escapades, revolt against the small-minded conditions in the late GDR, nature, the longing for new beginnings. At the same time, the father remembers his own youth in the final years of the war and observes the political conflicts of his present. 

In a new afterword, Till Lindemann, now a singer for Rammstein and a poet, looks back on this year from the perspective of today, comparing his father’s stories with his own memories of the time.

Language: german

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